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Walking Dinosaurs

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Free community event invites all rising kindergarteners to the Museum for a cram session Join us for our Countdown to Kindergarten celebration on August Upcoming Events See All Events. Fri August 16, Countdown to Kindergarten. Sun August 18, Moving to Mars. See what's on deck for today at Discovery Place Kids. Ever wonder how to get somewhere over the rainbow? Facebook Twitter. Instagram Youtube. I'm interested in. What can I do? Discover More. Discover the Benefits of Membership With four locations, there are four places for your family to enjoy! Birthday Parties Ever wonder how to build the perfect birthday party?

Big Fun Everyone is invited to boogie and have some Big Fun. We feel strongly that this interaction will provide guests with an additional opportunity to engage in discussion with exhibitors and will generate excitement among event attendees. Animals brought by guests to the event must be in good health and under their control at all times.

Any guests who violate that policy will be asked to leave the show. Even though Repticon does not prohibit you from bringing two animals to the show, state or local laws may prohibit this. Please check your local laws to ensure that your state or locality does not prohibit you from allowing your pets to be seen in public. Also, some venues have restrictions so please check with the venue if you have any questions.

Riding dinosaurs at Jurassic Quest!

Can I sell my personal animals at the show? Guests may not bring animals into the event for the purpose of selling them at the event, as only show vendors with appropriate permits may sell animals. Can I bring a venomous animal to a show? We have very strict protocols that we follow and want to guarantee the safety of all our guests and exhibitors. How much are tickets? You can purchase tickets HERE.

Will I need to pay for parking? Please contact the venue directly regarding parking fees. How do I win? To learn more about our photo contests, click HERE. I think an animal is sick or has mites First, talk to the vendor. If you need more assistance, you can always talk to one of the Repticon staff at the Info Booth. Please tell me, just one more time, what are the show hours? More Shows.

Walking Dinosaurs

Sign Up for Updates. Plan your day around events happening at these times! To insure the availability of the feeders you might need, if you would like to place a pre-order from them for pickup at the show contact them here. Triangle Iguana Rescue Join the lizards and lizard lovers of the Triangle Iguana Rescue as they will offer a wonderful live lizard presentation with lots of rescued animals for you to meet. Thank you for visiting the Repticon FAQ page. September 21, West Palm Beach, FL. October 26, Gainesville, FL.

Ft Walton Beach, FL. November 16, The money saved from adult tickets can be spent on food or toys. Let the buyer choose which one. The Raleigh venue was awesome!!!! Will be back if it returns to Raleigh. Amazing Experience! We attended the Jurassic Quest event at Tampa Fairgrounds and what an amazing experience to see a full functioning animatronic life sized dinosaur show.

Something for kids of all ages even us big kids! Starting with the the baby Dino show with it's amazing real life like babies. Found out later they were created by the same man who made ET! No wonder they kept the families engaged and entertained for the 30 min. Then on to the team at the fossil table where very informative and also engaged the crowd. They actually have real fossils and explain the history behind them. Next the main attraction the largest realistic dinosaur show.

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We expected to see an ordinary show but was pleasantly surprised to find out there was so much more than just walking through. There were interactive games, dino rides, face painting, fossil digs, and even have your picture riding your favorite Dino. Everyone can even make their own fossil from a mold to take home at no cost! We had the pleasure of meeting a young man named Zach Rowley who was making sure each exhibit was accurate to the dinosaur.

He was so insightful we cannot express enough thanks as to what it really takes to set up their show. The most interesting thing we discovered was how much hard work and effort goes on behind the scenes to prepare for the set up to make this a great experience for everyone. In a day and half, they set up over Dinos and their habitat and all the games.

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Who knew they're even inspected to make sure all is safe for your family. Great job to the Jurassic Quest team for and outstanding job! Once again what a great and insightful experience for the whole family! We went mainly for our 4 year old son, but even our 1. It was definitely a busy place, but that's only because it's so great!

Discovery Place Museums:

The realistic setups of the dinosaurs were amazing! I loved that they had signs for each one to tell about them and how to pronounce the names to my son ha. We loved the baby dinosaurs and getting to pet them and how they seem so lifelike! Both of our kids enjoyed riding on the motorized dinosaurs and my son loved getting to sit on and control the large stationary dinosaur. My son also really loved getting his face painted - and I loved the green screen photo of our whole family riding on a brontosaurus maybe?

My mom was also with us and she got a photo of her and the kids running away from dinosaurs haha. We didn't really do much of the inflatable things because we had run out of time. They have a lot of other activities there outside of what I reviewed - but I'm only reviewing the things that we did. The Jurassic Quest crew also do a great job with the show. Like I said in the beginning, these events bring in a lot of people - but they have systems in place that make it pretty easy.

For example, you can sign up to get your face painted or get a green screen photo, and instead of standing there waiting in line, you get put in a virtual line and then they text you updates of your status in line. When it gets close, you make your way over to that station and you're ready to get your face painted!

I was happy that we didn't spend time waiting in those lines and got to go do some of the other dinosaur activities. I'd recommend getting to the event earlier rather than later. It definitely got busier around Overall we had a great time and would gladly recommend it as a fun family activity! Amazing Experience!!

jurassic quest winston salem coupons Jurassic quest winston salem coupons
jurassic quest winston salem coupons Jurassic quest winston salem coupons
jurassic quest winston salem coupons Jurassic quest winston salem coupons
jurassic quest winston salem coupons Jurassic quest winston salem coupons
jurassic quest winston salem coupons Jurassic quest winston salem coupons
jurassic quest winston salem coupons Jurassic quest winston salem coupons

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