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Standardisation ensures that despite these variables, the herb will consistently deliver the exact botanical active ingredients that work best to support health.

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Branded ingredients are patented, trademarked forms of nutrients that offer performance advantages over plain nutrient forms. Branded ingredients are typically more potent than their plain counterparts, and may feature advanced delivery systems and enhanced bioavailability.

Some branded ingredients are backed by well-designed human clinical trials demonstrating their effectiveness and safety. Bigger doses are not always better, and in some cases may be risky. To make this claim, we only use ingredients of unparalleled purity, while avoiding all unnecessary additives. Not all additives are bad. For example, adding flow agents to a powdered nutrient can help to improve manufacturing quality and efficiency. Sometimes adding a colourant can help to protect nutrients that are light-sensitive. In those rare cases, we will only use natural additives.

Artificial colours have been linked to nerve issues, DNA damage and health concerns; artificial flavours have been tied to blood sugar and weight concerns; and artificial preservatives may hurt friendly flora and lead to digestive health concerns. We start by using premium quality ingredients that are backed by clinical research demonstrating safety.

We then supply those ingredients using a minimal-effective-dosing philosophy that delivers all of the benefits you deserve without the potential risks of mega-dosing. For example, they have been shown to combat some types of bacteria as well as the yeast Candida albicans 33 , The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects may also be protective against infections and inflammation in your mouth. This includes conditions like gingivitis, periodontitis and denture stomatitis 35 , There is some evidence that pomegranate can improve memory.

One study in surgical patients found that 2 grams of pomegranate extract prevented deficits in memory after surgery Another study in 28 older adults with memory complaints found that 8 ounces ml of pomegranate juice per day significantly improved markers of verbal and visual memory Studies in mice also suggest that pomegranate may help fight Alzheimer's disease Pomegranate is rich in dietary nitrates , which have been shown to improve exercise performance.

A study in 19 athletes running on a treadmill showed that one gram of pomegranate extract 30 minutes before exercise significantly enhanced blood flow, delaying the onset of fatigue and increasing exercise efficiency More studies are needed, but it seems that pomegranate — like beets — may be beneficial for physical performance. Pomegranates are one of the healthiest foods on the planet , packed with nutrients and powerful plant compounds. They have wide-ranging benefits and may help reduce your risk of various serious illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

If you want to reap the many health benefits pomegranates have to offer, either eat the arils directly or drink pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice might not be as popular as orange or apple, but add it to your grocery list anyway. Here's a look at its many health benefits. Eating fruit can boost your health and help prevent disease.

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Here are the 20 healthiest fruits on earth, backed by science. Here is a list of 50 healthy foods, most of which are surprisingly tasty. All the major food groups are included. Blueberries are highly nutritious and among the world's most powerful sources of antioxidants.

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Here are 10 evidence-based health benefits of…. This article reviews how many servings of fruit you should eat per day. Fruit is nutritious and healthy, but some people are worried about the sugar…. Goji berries are dried red berries that are said to have many health benefits. This article looks at 9 benefits of goji berries that are backed by…. Fruits are very nutritious and contain lots of fiber and antioxidants. Dormant — The state in which plants are not actively growing.

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During dormant periods turfgrasses will turn brown and shut down in order to withstand excessive cold, heat or drought conditions. Drought — A period of time with limited rainfall. Turfgrass can lay dormant during these times, preserving resources to keep the plant alive. Drought Tolerance — The amount of adaptation or resistance a plant has towards periods of limited water.

Ecosystem — A community of organisms that share locations and resources with each other. Water, air, plants, and animals living in close proximity to one another can constitute an ecosystem. Symptoms include fever, headache, disorientation, and tremors. It can be more series and even fatal in elderly individuals.

Ehrlichiosis — A bacterial illness carried by ticks in Illinois. Symptoms are mild and may include muscle aches, fever, and headaches. Erosion — The removing of soil by wind and or water. Fertilizer — A treatment that adds nutrition to the soil to promote plant health and growth. Fertilizer Burn — Scorching that appears on a leaf or blade of grass that is a result of excess fertilizer salts. Burn can develop when the wrong fertilizer is applied, too much fertilizer is applied or fertilizer is applied at the wrong time. Flea — A small, wingless parasite that feeds on the blood from a host, usually dogs and cats.

Capable of jumping, fleas can be brought inside your home hitchhiking on the backs of your pets. Fungicide — A class of pesticides used to control or prevent disease. Fungus A type of organism ranging in size from mushrooms to molds. There are many different types that can infect turfgrass, shrubs, and trees in Illinois. Germination — The process by which a plant forms from a seed.

Granular — Lawn care treatments that are made up of dry, granules. Groundcover — Plants that spread horizontally over the ground. They protect the soil against erosion. Grub — A common term used for the larvae of a variety of scarab beetles, including Japanese beetles. Grubs feed on the roots of turfgrass, killing the plant and creating unsightly brown spots and dead areas of the lawn. Herbicide — An application that targets and kills unwanted plants, such as weeds.

Indigenous Plant — A plant that has developed or occurs naturally in a location. Also referred to as native plants, these are best suited for the climate and conditions of a local ecosystem. Insecticide — An application that kills or controls insects. Integrated Pest Management — IPM is a method of controlling pests on a property without an overuse of pesticides. Invasive Plant — A non-native plant that that can overwhelm an ecosystem. These types of plants usually spread quickly, aggressively, and use the minerals and resources that native plants rely on.

Japanese Beetles — A type of invasive insect that arrived in the United States in the early 20th century. Larvae called grubs can destroy turfgrass, while adults eat leaves of trees and shrubs. Larva — A stage in the life cycle of an insect occurring between the egg and pupa.

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Also referred to as grubs. Lawn — An area of short, maintained turfgrass on your property.

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Leaching — A process by which soluble constituents of soil are removed by liquid passing through it. Leaf Spot — A Disease of plants caused by fungi.

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  6. Symptoms are dark spots and lesions on foliage. A red bulls-eye may appear at the bite mark within days of being infected. Micronutrients — Nutrients or trace elements required by plants in very small doses. They include iron, colbalt, chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc and molybdenum. Macro nutrients — Nutrients required by plants in large doses.

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    Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are all Macro nutrients. Mosquito — A small, fly-like insect that feeds on the blood of mammals. Here in northern Illinois, mosquitoes can carry serious viruses, including West Nile , Zika , and encephalitis. Mulch is spread over landscape beds and under trees to help hold in moisture, block weeds and regulate soil temperatures.

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